What does EngagementHealth® do?

We deliver a proven wellness program that improves employee health and reduced healthcare costs.

What kind of incentives do you use to motivate employee participation?

Based on the latest research and best practices in the industry, we provide incentives to employees for participating in the healthy behaviors that keep preventable chronic health conditions in check on an ongoing basis.

What healthcare cost savings results have you achieved for clients?

In the past year, we've reduced annual healthcare claims costs for our clients by an average of 9.6% or $834 per participant. And this isn't just for some clients – more than 95% of our clients have experienced significant cost reductions.

How do your participation rates compare to those for other wellness programs?

EngagementHealth outperforms the industry when it comes to participation rates. We typically engage between 75% and 85% of our clients' workforce (and spouses!) in our program, far exceeding participation rates for other wellness programs.

What kind of results can I expect from implementing the EngagementHealth wellness program?

With EngagementHealth, you can expect measurable biometric improvements in your employees' health, particularly related to preventable chronic health conditions. You can also expect to reduce annual healthcare claims costs and secure a healthier and more productive workforce. Most of our clients also realize improvements in employee productivity and satisfaction.

How do employees typically react to this wellness program?

EngagementHealth provides turnkey support for introducing and on-boarding your employees into the program. In our experience, once employees understand the benefits of participating (incentives), they are willing to give it a try. Once they participate and achieve better health, they're convinced of the program's value. In fact many of our clients report improvements in staff morale within a year of implementing our program.

What kind of staffing commitment is required?

EngagementHealth manages the lion's share of program implementation, including setting up new programs, on-boarding members and helping employees navigate through your culture of wellness on an ongoing basis. We only need an employee benefits representative to partner with us for a few discrete activities, such as making logistical arrangements for sign-up events, integrating the messaging we provide into your existing employee communications and updating your payroll reporting systems each pay period.

How do you engage employees on a weekly basis?

Our fully integrated, technology-enabled program provides employees with easy access all the time via personal health records and reporting on the Internet, on-site kiosks for biometric reporting, personal health measurement devices and the telephone.

Which chronic health conditions do you target?

EngagementHealth targets the preventable chronic health conditions that have the greatest impact on the bottom line. Our individualized wellness programs include weight management, exercise and fitness, diabetes prevention and maintenance, hypertension, cholesterol, stress reduction and tobacco cessation.

How do I get started?

Give us a call at 866-692-1979 ext. 1 or click here to send us an email. One of our representatives will respond to you right away.

Can you implement your program across multiple locations?

Yes. Thanks to our robust, integrated technologies, employees can participate regardless of their location and with or without Internet access. We also offer all our services in Spanish.

What kind of upfront costs are required to implement the EngagementHealth wellness program?

There is usually a nominal one-time set-up fee to cover the costs of program launch, such as setting up on-site kiosks and disseminating personal health measurement devices.

How do you put your fees at risk?

When you choose our variable funding model, a portion of your fees are paid from the overall plan savings we help you achieve. We put a portion of these fees at risk, which we don't get paid this portion of our fees unless and until we deliver measurable cost reductions in your program.

What if I already have a wellness program in place?

Our proven wellness program can be used to augment an existing wellness program, helping you achieve our industry leading participation rates and garner significant cost reductions from your wellness program.

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