Choice of Funding Models

EngagementHealth® offers you a choice between two funding options:

  • Fixed Fee: A traditional, pay-as-you-go funding model for companies that prefer the predictability of a fixed annual per-participant fee.
  • Variable Fee: An innovative self-funded model that requires no ongoing budget obligation to implement. The program is financed through a combination of contribution differentials paid by non-participants and actual program savings. That means that beyond a nominal one time set-up fee, there is no company outlay until your program produces quantifiable results. (To find out more about our self-funded model, please send us a request for information by clicking here.)

Whichever funding model you elect, you'll still receive the same comprehensive, high-quality and turnkey wellness program that produces measurable improvements in your employees' health, enhances workforce productivity and strengthens staff loyalty.


Choice of Funding Models

Variable Fee:

  • Paid for via contribution differentials from non-participants and actual claims savings
  • EngagementHealth shares the financial risk

Fixed Fee:

  • Per-participant fee
  • Predictability
  • Client bears all the risk
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