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EngagementHealth® was founded in 2007 by a team of passionate healthcare clinicians, business leaders, technology experts and benefits specialists who set out to reinvent wellness by establishing a disease prevention and health promotion program that actually improves health and lowers costs. This team recognized that to make measurable improvements in employee health and reduce annual healthcare claims costs, a wellness program must:

  • Empower employees to take responsibility for their own health-related behaviors.
  • Engage employees to make sustainable and permanent lifestyle changes.
  • Focus on the preventable conditions that have the greatest impact on healthcare costs.
  • Deliver resources and support throughout the year.

Our goal is to help employers sustain their medical benefits programs while reducing the trend toward double-digit increases in annual healthcare claims costs, while building a healthier, more productive workforce.

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About Us
A challenge we faced
at Johnsonville was engaging all of our members and their spouses in our
wellness programs. EngagementHealth solved that problem. Our
members and their spouses are now focused on their health and are losing weight
and lowering their blood pressure. We couldn't be happier with our
biometric results.
Julie Herschleb
Director of Total Rewards